• Understand the acquisition strategy
  • Evaluate M&A trends in the industry
  • Develop marketing materials summarizing the strategy
  • Review trade associations, conferences lists, and industry reports
  • Utilize multiple subscription databases
  • Create a digital fingerprint of every potential opportunity
  • Scrape websites for keywords with proprietary software
  • Evaluate strength of fit for each prospect
  • Review “Priority” and “High Priority” prospects with Client
  • Contact owners with a clear, targeted message
  • Understand core focus and evaluate owners’ interest level
  • Validate (or invalidate) strength of fit with Client
  • Provide summaries of opportunities to Client
  • Introduce Client to Owner(s) when appropriate
  • Manage information requests and follow-up discussions

How We Can Help

At the heart of every acquisition is a strategic goal. Embracing the strategy of our client sets our initial course, ensuring that from the very first step, Normandy is moving with direction and purpose. Regardless of the strategy, our process is effective in delivering acquisition opportunities to our clients.

Add On Acquisition

Add-on Acquisitions

Whether the goal is customer diversification, product differentiation, vertical integration, or achieving scale, we have the experience and processes to help clients execute their add-on acquisition strategies. We have significant experience sourcing add-ons for our clients and our research tools allow us to quickly identify prospects that match the specified criteria.

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For buyers looking to complete several acquisitions in a short time period, our active and rigorous outreach effort delivers a constant pipeline of quality introductions and active leads.

Platform Creation

Platform Creation

For buyers with a well-developed investment thesis or “angle” in a specific industry, we are well equipped to lead an origination process to identify and qualify high-quality prospects that could serve as the platform’s foundation.

merger vs acquisition

Executive-led Searches

We have worked with many industry leaders and executives that have established an acquisition thesis and want to fast-track their origination pipeline. Our experience allows us to play an important role in identifying acquisition prospects, communicating with capital partners, and allowing executives to execute their strategy.