Luke Hendry joined the Normandy team at the beginning of June. In only a few weeks’ time, Luke became deeply involved with several of our buy-side projects across several different industries. In addition to supporting the team with researching and evaluating opportunities for our clients, Luke is leading the charge in identifying new software and operational tools for the firm. We are very excited to have him supporting the team for the rest of the summer.

Where did Luke grow up?
Flower Mound, Texas, northwest of Dallas and northeast of Fort Worth.

Where does he go to school? What is he studying?
Luke is a rising junior at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. He is double majoring in Finance and Accounting and possesses a unique interest in entrepreneurship and business strategy.

Is he in any clubs at BC?
Luke is a director of the Boston College Investment Club (BCIC) where he covers Real Estate and Financials. He is also a member of the BC Cooking Club, and plays intramural basketball and volleyball.

What does he do when he is not in school or working at Normandy?
Outside of school and work, Luke enjoys spending time with his family, including his four sisters. He also flies standby almost every weekend and enjoys visiting friends and family throughout the country, particularly during the summer months. Already this summer, he has flown to Chicago, New York, Texas, Washington D.C, Kansas City, and Charlotte.

Why did he apply to Normandy Advisors?
Luke heard about Normandy Advisors from a former intern. He was intrigued by the opportunity to learn about the middle market and hear from owners about how they built their companies. He also had a strong desire to understand what drives M&A value for private equity firms and strategic buyers.

Any interesting or unique facts that few people know about him?
In a given year, Luke will probably take 40 to 50 flights on standby throughout the U.S. Also, Luke worked as a shift manager of a pizza restaurant in high school and employed several of his high school classmates and sisters.

If he could have dinner with any well-known “historical figure,” living or deceased, who would it be?
Andrew Carnegie

What is he doing next summer?
Next summer, Luke will be interning in NYC with RBC’s investment banking team. We expect Luke to come into that internship with significant knowledge about M&A and the middle market from his experience with Normandy.