Tech-Enabled Services



Identify, contact, and qualify acquisition targets for a PE-backed provider of online training and education to individuals working in regulated end-markets.


Throughout 2020 and into 2021, our firm was retained to source high-quality online training and educational content providers to customers through B2C and B2B channels. We researched companies serving customers in several different industries including Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and other areas where individuals are required to complete mandatory job training.


By utilizing our firm’s proprietary research process, we identified and qualified over 400 privately-held companies in the U.S. and Canada. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies we spoke with were well positioned to continue operations through the shutdowns due to the online nature of their business models. We spoke with over 100 business owners about their companies and communicated the advantages that come from working with an established, growing, and well-capitalized online training platform.


In early 2021, our Client acquired a leading provider of online safety and compliance training to skilled professionals across several industries. We first contacted the owners of the Company in early 2020 and after explaining our Client’s strategy, the owners foresaw a great opportunity to continue growing their business by joining a larger organization with significant resources. We continue to source acquisition opportunities for our Client and assist them in further expanding their presence in new and existing markets.